Single Cup Brewing: Chemex

Single Cup Brewing: Chemex

Sometimes a single cup of delicious pour over coffee just isn’t enough. For those times, Boston Stoker also sells the Chemex. With a similar brewing method as the Hario V60, the Chemex also allows you similar control over the overall taste of your coffee, but it comes in different sizes, allowing you to pour several cups worth of coffee at once. Coffee is always better when shared with friends! This glass model also keeps sediment out, allowing you to produce a pure, clean flavor, without any bitterness.

Tools of the Trade:

Before you get started, here are a few tools that you’ll need in order to be successful at your task.

  • Chemex Brewer
  • Hario Water Kettle
  • Chemex Pour Over Filters
  • Boston Stoker Coffee


-Want a larger or smaller cup? Use this simple formula: 2 grams of coffee per 1 ounce of water. (A 12oz cup will use 24g of coffee.)

-Looking for a brighter cup? Try speeding up the brew time slightly. Or slow your pour to tone down the brightness. Be careful not to over extract the coffee yielding in a bitter cup.

-Trial and error. Feel free to make adjustments that work for you!




Place the filter into the Chemex (3 layers toward the indented spout) and flush with hot water. This helps remove any starches or residue that may affect the taste of your coffee. Flushing the filter with hot water also pre heats the glass for the coffee’s warm entry into its new life.



After weighing out 48 grams* of coffee, grind the beans just before you are ready to brew. Use a coarse drip setting, slightly finer than that of a Hario V60 pourover. Pour the grinds into your freshly rinsed filter.


Using 205°F water, pour approximately 60ml* of water onto the coffee grounds. This should be just enough to saturate all of the coffee grounds with minimal dripping from the bottom.

This crucial step allows the coffee to off gas, ensuring maximum flavor extraction. If the coffee is within one week of roast, allow the bloom to persist for 45 seconds. Older coffee may only need 30 seconds. When the coffee stops bubbling and begins to sink down, it is ready to brew!

chemex-slow-pourSlow Pour:

Starting with 640ml* of water, slowly begin pouring into the center of the coffee bed. Keep the water level low in the filter, about one inch from the top rim. You may allow the water level to sink for a few seconds to control the brew time.

The key here is utilizing a slow, controlled pour. Total brew time should be 4:15-4:45*. As soon as the brew slows to a few drips, toss the filter and enjoy! Keep in mind the brew time will be different when using a smaller Chemex.

*Volumes and times based on 10 cup Chemex.

Chemex Coffee Brewing 002
Chemex Coffee Brewing Grinding
Chemex Coffee Brewing 004
Chemex Coffee Brewing 005
Chemex Coffee Brewing 006
Chemex Coffee Brewing 007
Chemex Coffee Brewing 008
Chemex Coffee Brewing 009
Chemex Coffee Brewing 010
Chemex Coffee Brewing 011

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