From Seed to Cup

1. Seeding



Coffee will begin its journey as a seedling in a nursery.  It will typically remain in the nursery for around 14 months prior to being planted on the farm.

2. Flowering



Flowering will begin a few days after the first hard rain during the start of the rainy season.  The flowers will soon fall off and then the coffee fruit will begin to develop.

3. Green Fruit



The coffee fruit will generally take about 9 months to fully develop.  The fruit will remain a green color for most of the cycle.

4. Ripe Fruit



Most Varietals of coffee will ripen a red color and few varietals will ripen yellow or even possibly an orange color.

5. Picking



The more selective you are at picking only ripe cherries, the higher quality and more consistent flavors will result in the cup.  It is quite common to pick the same tree 3 or 4 times in a season.

6. Depulping Fruit



Most coffee will need to be sent to a mill to be de-pulped within the first 24 hours of being picked in order to maintain the quality.  There will be several quality separations taking place at the mill during this step.

7. Fermentation



Coffee is put into a fermentation tank following the de-pulping process for approximately 12-24 hours.  Natural bacteria will break down an outer layer called mucilage and the flavors in the coffee will fully develop.

8. Washing



The coffee will then need to go through a washing channel of cold water to stop the fermentation and help clean coffee of any excess mucilage.

9. Drying



Coffee can be dried by either mechanical dryers or patio drying in the sun.  Patio drying can take much longer but yield a slightly sweeter cup.

10. Sorting



High quality coffees will be hand sorted to remove any defects that may appear.  This is one of the most important and most skilled positions in the process.

11. Roasting



Every batch is skillfully roasted to the peak of flavor. Our goal is to highlight the best characteristics each bean has to offer.

12. Cupping



We cup our coffee every step in the entire process to ensure that the quality keeps up with our standards.  This starts with our visits to origin and finishes with the final products going to our customers.

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